Billing and Insurance

The entire realm of American medical billing, collections, and payments functions like no other billing system on Earth. Fees are set by the government based upon zip code, which are then altered by Medicare and individual insurance companies. Procedures, medicines and services approved by the FDA may or may not be covered by a specific insurance. Furthermore, the state of New Jersey has additional specific laws and policies regarding automotive medical injury (PIP) and Worker’s compensation care. The Center for Advanced Sports Medicine navigates these murky waters through the use of in-house experts and outside consultants.

In general, our office treats patients with either in-network or out-of-network insurances. It is important for each patient to understand the benefits of their insurance plan, whether it is in-network or out-of-network. The insurance card provided by your insurance company is the best place to begin in order to understand your personal benefits. Often, insurance companies have your individual benefits delineated on their website or a phone number on the back of the insurance card for patient questions. Our office will always do our best to further aid patients in their understanding of these complex processes and plans if they have questions after reviewing their own insurance plan.

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